Compost and Compost Tea

Vivacious garden and landscape depend on healthy roots and soil quality

Save the garden
garlicmarkContinue reading if you want to:

  • Find out why 80% of hobby gardens fail.
  • Save yourself years of hard work.
  • Setup a lasting sustainable garden.
  • Suppress foliar diseases.
  • Increase the amount of nutrients both in soil and vegetables.
  • Create a vibrant landscape full of life.

My name is Mark Grahlman, I’ve been a farmer all my life just as my father have. 25 years ago I was trying to improve the survival rate of my produce and started a research on what leads to better and more produce. Solutions provided by the chemical industry only produced short-term results and resulted in depleted soil. Further investigation led me to create the Sunrise Organics – a chemical-free farm applying Biodynamic, Permaculture and many other principles that do not reply on “quick-fix” “pay-and-go” solutions. Since that time 25 years ago I haven’t stopped researching. The amount of knowledge that is collected by people to this date is mesmerizing.

What I’ve learned is that there is little sense in fixing the symptoms. And the causes are found in the roots. Soil is the factor that makes a difference.

Consider parasites. What is the reason of parasite damage? Parasites only attack weak plants. Why plants are weak? Not enough nutrients in soil. Yes, you could spray pesticides or physically remove the parasites, or you can fix the reason of the problem. It’s your choice. If you choose getting to the roots of a problem, I provide you with best-of-the best compost solutions for any landscape, meadow or garden. Work with them and you’ll get yourself a long-lasting, sustainable, environmentally-friendly solutions that actually address the problem.

Please call or drop in to our farm if you are interested in our organic farm produce. Mark no longer accepts orders for compost and compost tea.

Delivery: I can deliver compost within the Meaford Municipality and area for $50. Note, however, that it is best if you come to pickup your compost tea with your own container, bucket or watering can. When you place an order please provide as many details as possible so that I can best accommodate your needs: include your intended purpose, the area you plan to cover, the problem you are about to tackle, your location, type of soil you currently have, types of plants, etc.

Please call for bulk orders. I can provide 1000+ liters of compost tea and trackloads of compost for landscaping companies and farms.